Monday, September 18, 2006

"Them Bones" featured in Guitar Hero 2

According to posts on the official Alice in Chains discussion board, Red Octane, the developers of the anticipated Playstation 2 sequel to Guitar Hero, plan to include the 1992 AiC track "Them Bones" as part of the games soundtrack. Over 55 songs will be made available in the final version of the game and only 7 have been confirmed by Red Octane.

For more details on Guitar Hero 2 check it out in the game profiles section of IGN Playstation 2.

Red Octane will likely confirm the majority of the 55 tracks, including "Them Bones," in a press release in the near future.


Anonymous Weis said...

G'day you guys,

This comment might be abit off par with the actual post topic, but i just wanted to say that this is a brilliant site . A good read and insightful and indeed dedicated. I recently just got into Alice In Chains a few months back, and now i'm kind of exploring their back catalogue and its just made music very chilling and real for me. It ranks up there with Tool and NIN in my view...I watched the 96' MTV gig unplugged, and it really left me in numb...just brilliant...Anyways good stuff y'all...keep it up.

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Elle Hershell said...

A very usefull web page for Alice In Chains' fans. I added it on my Fav-list if you want to know.

10:15 AM  
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