Monday, July 31, 2006

Latest Interview

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"ALICE IN CHAINS played their first large-scale show in the Pacific Northwest in over a decade when they headlined KUFO's "Rockfest 11" at Columbia Meadows nears St. Helens, Oregon on July 29, 2006. KUFO's "Cort and Fatboy Show" interviewed the whole band (including new singer William DuVall) about being joined onstage by Sabastian Bach in Japan last week and about which musicians are allowed to make a cameo appearance on an AIC stage. In the interview, bassist Mike Inez also talks about his lady's love of BON JOVI, guitarist Jerry Cantrell addresses the question of future AIC material, William DuVall discusses his role as "new guy," drummer Sean Kinney cracks jokes about nearly everything and the whole band discusses gearing up for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Band manager Susan Silver also makes a brief appearance in the interview. Audio of the interview can be found at"

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