Monday, July 31, 2006

Latest Interview

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"ALICE IN CHAINS played their first large-scale show in the Pacific Northwest in over a decade when they headlined KUFO's "Rockfest 11" at Columbia Meadows nears St. Helens, Oregon on July 29, 2006. KUFO's "Cort and Fatboy Show" interviewed the whole band (including new singer William DuVall) about being joined onstage by Sabastian Bach in Japan last week and about which musicians are allowed to make a cameo appearance on an AIC stage. In the interview, bassist Mike Inez also talks about his lady's love of BON JOVI, guitarist Jerry Cantrell addresses the question of future AIC material, William DuVall discusses his role as "new guy," drummer Sean Kinney cracks jokes about nearly everything and the whole band discusses gearing up for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Band manager Susan Silver also makes a brief appearance in the interview. Audio of the interview can be found at"

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Slow News

Hey, so we have a few more updates today, all of which come to you a little late. News within the AiC community has slowed down quite a bit since the European tour ended and it almost seems like we're back to the days when there was no AiC news at all. With the opening of the discussion board and fan show review sections on the AiC official website, all signs point at big plans for the band in the coming months. Believe me, Alice in Chains is here to stay, or atleast that's their plan right now. Will we see a new album? Probably not. Maybe the boys will start a new band under a new name instead. We'll just have to wait and see.

We apologize that you guys aren't able to come to our site anymore to the regular updates that we used to have at the beginning of the summer and, in all honesty, with detailed show coverage and community features at the official website, there may not be much of a future left for this little homepage of ours. Still we're not going anywhere, and we'll be watching the upcoming U.S. tour just like everyone else. If we have big news and things to share, you can expect it to be up as quickly as ever.

We hope everyone hops on over to the official site and joins the community. There is a lot of potential in the discussion boards and you'll get the very first heads up on upcoming shows and ticket sales.

And while you're waiting on new AiC news or a show near you, check out some of the other great music coming ot this year. I would definetly recommend picking up the new Mars Volta album "Amputechture" which hits in late August, it's absolutelty disgusting. On the horizon, there is the new Audioslave album "Revelations" coming in September, and if you haven't checked out the latest Pearl Jam or Tool albums yet, shame on you. Also, anyone and everyone needs to see the new Kevin Smith movie "Clerks 2." It may very well be his funniest movie yet.

Until next time...

-The AiC Reunion Homepage

Official Message Board Up And Running!

The Discussion Board is now up and running. Chat with Alice fans from around the world about the band, their music and their shows. Signing up is quick, easy and instantly makes you part of the community.

Well there you have it. Not much activity on the boards quite yet, but soon enough there may not be a need for the AIC Reunion Homepage. : (

Chris Cornell on Alice in Chains Reunion

Featured below is a link to an audio interview with Soundgarden/Audioslave vocalist Chris Cornell taken from a Seattle radio station on July 26th. Cornell discusses Audioslave, his old band Soundgarden, other 90's era Seattle bands like Pearl Jam and Mudhoney, and of course Alice in Chains and their much talked about reunion tour. Lots of good things to here from one of today's biggest voices in alternative rock.

Check it out!

*Thanks goes out to RAW from the AIC Discussion Boards for the heads up.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Duvall Wigs features an interesting video of the band during a European show sporting afro wigs during an encore. It's definetly a funny video worth checking out. Does anyone know which show this was from?

*Update: Thanks to Kruk'd for the heads up. This is from the London show on July 4th.

We're Back!

Hey all! We're finally back from our trip/vacation in southern Europe and ready to continue our coverage of the 2006-2007 Alice in Chains reunion tour. A lot has happened since we were gone, but, as many of you know, the AiC official website has been doing quite a good job of keeping track of the shows in Europe, setlists and all. To check out the shows between June 19th and July 4th head on over to the Backstage With The Baldy section of You'll find a lot on setlists and guest appearances as well as a piece on Layne Staley and a wrap-up of the entire 50-day tour of Europe.

After a short break, the band will make an appearance on July 22nd in Fuji, Japan at the Udo Music Festival before heading stateside for a string of shows between July 29th and August 20th. You can expect quite a few more dates to be added to the itinerary in the next coming weeks. Word on the street right now is that the second leg of the U.S. tour will continue well into 2007! We're glad to be back and we're looking forward to having a lot of fun.

-The AiC Reunion Homepage