Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Got details? stories?

Hey guys,

We'd love to hear your stories and any details you might have about the 6 U.S. AIC shows. If you have any corrections to the information on this page, any additional information, or just want to give your own review or commentary on one of the gigs send us an e-mail or post a comment. The web seems to seriously be lacking AIC fansites, so we're still missing setlists from shows such as the one in San Diego. Thanks so much to those who have sent emails already and for those of you checking out this page.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the San Diego show, and it was awesome. I didn't keep a set list, though. It was pretty similar to the other setlists that have been posted, although they also played "Dirt".

1:34 PM  
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