Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Public Sales?

Did you miss out on tickets to one of the four Alice in Chains shows that went on sale today? You may be in luck! AIC is expected to make an announcement later this week about potential public sales for these four shows. It is uncertain whether or not the four shows are completely sold out or if only a special batch of pre-sale tickets were sold out. Keep your eye on the Alice in Chains official site for details. The public sale dates and times will likely be announced immediately after all four pre-sales are finished (Late Tuesday or Wednesday). If tickets are entirely sold out, you may find some luck on ebay or at Stub Hub.

Tickets that went on sale today:
* Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom - Hampton Beach, NH
* Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ
* Musikfest, River Place Venue - Bethlehem, PA
* Sioux Empire Fairgrounds - Sioux Falls, SD

More AIC Sell-Outs (First 3 U.S. Shows Gone Already)

Alice in Chains began a string of pre-sales for its first few U.S. shows this August and tickets to their first three scheduled dates are completely sold-out. The presale for their fourth show in Sioux Falls, South Dakota just went on sale at 2pm CDT and you can expect similar demand. As excited as we were to hear about new AIC dates and new appearances at club venues, fans should be warned that tickets to the August shows will be almost as difficult to purchase as tickets to their May U.S. mini tour were. If those shows were any indication, tickets to most AIC shows for the late summer and fall are likely to sell out in minutes, if not seconds! So, make sure you have all the information you need and that you're on top of things both here at the AICReunion page and at the band's official website at www.aliceinchains.com. Good luck!

* Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom - Hampton Beach, NH - SOLD OUT
* Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ - SOLD OUT
* Musikfest, River Place Venue - Bethlehem, PA - SOLD OUT
* Sioux Empire Fairgrounds - Sioux Falls, SD - May 30 @ 2pm CDT ALMOST SOLD OUT

Monday, May 29, 2006

AIC Plays First European Show

Alice in Chains played the Super Bock Super Rock Festival in Lisbon, Portugal on May 26th, marking their first appearance this year in Europe. While we were not able to gather a setlist or details on guest appearances, we did manage to spot a small clip taken by an audience member on Youtube.com:


It may be harder for us to cover some of these European shows so anyone who has any details please send them our way. Alice in Chains will continue through a string of dates leading up to their final European appearance in London on July 4th. While AIC will be playing a handful of clubs, the majority of their gigs will be a part of major music festivals. Artists like Tool, The Deftones, and Guns 'N Roses will all be sharing the stage with the band, meaning guest appearances from the likes of Maynard Keenan and Axl Rose are possible.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

5.19.06 - San Diego, CA

The House of Blues (San Diego, CA)

Date: May 19, 2006
Location: San Diego, CA
Venue: The House of Blues - San Diego
Venue Type: Club
Bootlegs Available: N/A
Bootleg Source/Lineage: N/A
Generation: N/A
Bootleg Surface Date: N/A


01. Sludge Factory
02. Dam That River
03. Rain When I Die
04. We Die Young
05. Love, Hate, Love (Duff McKagen on guitar... I think)
06. Again
07. Junkhead
08. Dirt
09. Down In A Hole (Duff McKagen on guitar)
10. Rooster (Patrick Lachman on vocals, Duff McKagen on guitar)
11. Would? (Patrick Lachman on vocals, Duff McKagen on guitar)

-encore break-

12. Angry Chair (Duff McKagen on guitar)
13. Man In The Box (Duff McKagen on guitar)
14. Them Bones


William Duvall (Comes With The Fall) - Vocals
Patrick Lachman (Damageplan) - Vocals
Duff McKagen (Guns 'N Roses, Velvet Revolver) - Rhythm Guitar

*If any corrections need to be made to the order of the setlist or to which guests appeared during which songs let us know.

MTV Reviews Bowery Ballroom Show

MTV.com has posted a review of the New York concert at the Bowery Ballroom. Read it at this location.

Video - Cantrell Solo at The Roxy

A short clip of AIC guitarist Jerry Cantrell's solo in the track "Love, Hate, Love", recorded on May 18 at The Roxy in West Hollywood, California can be viewed here.

Video of Bowery Ballroom Show (New York)

A BLABBERMOUTH.NET visitor by the name of Tom Corsillo has uploaded a two-minute-plus video clip of ALICE IN CHAINS performing the song "Junkhead" at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City Tuesday night (May 23). Check it out at this location.

U.S. Presales

The group's U.S. itinerary is now shaping up as follows:

Aug. 03 - Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom - Hampton Beach, NH
Aug. 04 - Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ
Aug. 05 - Musikfest, River Place Venue - Bethleham, PA
Aug. 11 - Sturgis Motorcycle Rally - Sturgis, SD
Aug. 12 - Sioux Empire Fairgrounds - Sioux Falls, SD
Aug. 13 - Locobazooka - Mansfield, MA

All the pre-sales for the new dates will take place on Tuesday, May 30. Check out www.aliceinchains.com for details.

Variety Reviews Roxy Show

Bringing in a new singer is a risky move for any band, made even riskier when the singer being replaced was a tragic or iconic figure. Layne Staley, a singer who turned every song and concert into a wailing maelstrom of self-loathing, would certainly fit into the latter category. Alice in Chains, with William DuVall replacing Staley, has found a savvy solution to the problem: The band's simply diminished the role of the singer.

Continued at Variety.com

4 More U.S. Shows Added

Alice in Chains added four more dates for their late summer/fall U.S. tour. The shows not only include festival appearances, but a few more club dates!

Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach, NH

Starland Ballroom
Sayreville, NJ

Musikfest, River Place Venue
Bethleham, PA

Sioux Empire Fairgrounds
Sioux Falls, SD

That makes the current total for the second U.S. tour six shows. These are likely to be the only show announcement for the time being, but keep checking here or www.aliceinchains.com for additional dates through August and into the fall.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Boston, San Diego, and New York setlists?

Anyone know what the band played at these three dates. The setlists seem to have been relatively consistent between shows. Comment if you attended any of these gigs.

Bootleg Links Updated

I had a chance to update the bootleg links for the May 18th show at The Roxy in LA and the March 10th Vh-1 show in Atlantic City. They should be working now, atleast for the time being.

First New U.S. Date Announced

Mansfield, MA
Tweeter Center
Sunday, August 13

Alice In Chains will be headlining this year's Locobazooka on Sunday, Aug 13. They will be joined by more than a dozen other acts who will all take to the stage at Mansfield MA's Tweeter Center. Tickets prices start at $46 and will go on sale through Ticketmaster on Thursday, May 25. For more details on this festival, please visit its official site .

In addition to their August 11th appearance at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, this marks one of two of the first announced dates of AIC's late summer/fall U.S. tour.

More dates will be announced by the band this week.

For now, AIC will kick off their European tour in Lisbon, Portugal on May 26th. They will continue overseas through a Japanese date on July 23rd.

Backstage With The Baldy

Check out AliceInChains.com's newest feature - an exclusive look at the band on the road.

AIC Wraps Up String Of U.S. Club Dates

NEW YORK — The spirit of grunge rock was alive and well inside the Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday night as the surviving members of Alice in Chains took the cramped club's begrimed stage for the fifth and final stop on the iconic band'sbrief U.S. club run.

The concert was preceded by days of speculation about what "special guests" would join the rockers to sub for late frontman Layne Staley. The most popular of the rumors had been Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose, who was in New York for four gigs at the Hammerstein Ballroom. There was also talk of Velvet Revolver's Scott Weiland, Type O Negative's Peter Steele or ex-Pantera mainman Phil Anselmo joining the band.

Alas, there were no surprise guests Tuesday. Even Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan, who'd been touring with the group on this trek as a second guitarist, was missing. But that didn't seem to distract the hundreds who congested the Bowery's beer-sodden floor to witness the Chains revival.

Continue to full article at MTV News

More U.S. Dates To Be Announced!

I recently directed an email to the Official Alice in Chains website regarding the possibility of more U.S. dates in the late summer/fall and got a great response. Check it out below:

Keep an eye on AliceInChains.com this week because we will be announcing a few more US dates. It's NOT a full-out US tour, just a few dates here and there but more of these dates will be in large venues.

If you haven't already done so, I suggest that you sign up for AIC.com's official newsletter "Dirt" (http://aliceinchains.com/tools/mailinglist/Subscribe.aspx). It will keep you up-to-date on where the band is off to next.


Hopefully many more people will be able to enjoy the new AIC this fall at the larger venues. I don't want to speculate that much, but given the large gap of time between AIC's Japanese shows and their only announced August show in South Dakota, the soon-to-be-announced U.S. dates are just as likely to be scheduled for July/August as they are for the fall. So keep your fingers crossed and check the AIC website all this week for details and possible ticket information.

Boston Show - Videos!

I'm still working on getting the setlist and other details about the Boston show, but I did manage to find some very cool videos taken by an audience member during the gig. You can check them out at www.youtube.com. Just search "Alice in Chains Boston" There are some really cool clips and a full version of "It Ain't Like That." Not the greatest quality, but an interesting find nonetheless.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Got details? stories?

Hey guys,

We'd love to hear your stories and any details you might have about the 6 U.S. AIC shows. If you have any corrections to the information on this page, any additional information, or just want to give your own review or commentary on one of the gigs send us an e-mail or post a comment. The web seems to seriously be lacking AIC fansites, so we're still missing setlists from shows such as the one in San Diego. Thanks so much to those who have sent emails already and for those of you checking out this page.


Monday, May 22, 2006

5.21.06 - Chicago, IL

The Metro (Chicago, IL)

Date: May 21, 2006
Location: Chicago, IL
Venue: The Metra
Venue Type: Club (1100-Capacity)
Bootlegs Available: N/A
Bootleg Source/Lineage: N/A
Generation: N/A
Bootleg Surface Date: N/A

While I haven't yet gathered many details about Alice in Chains fourth mini-tour show at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago, I have managed to get ahold of the setlist and a few details from fans who attended the gig. According to many, Jerry was having serious problems with his guitars and equipment which forced the band to end their set prematurely. In addition, many were dissappointed to see that no guest vocalists attended the Chicago show, William Duvall played second guitar where needed.


Sludge Factory
Dam That River
Rain When I Die
We Die Young
Love, Hate, Love
Down In A Hole
It Ain’t Like That
Them Bones (Unsure about this one, may have been skipped)
Man In The Box


William Duvall (Comes With The Fall) - Vocals

For more fan stories check out this posting on the Official Pearl Jam Message Board. We'll keep you updated on whether or not any recordings surface for this performance or the AIC show in San Diego.

Please if anyone has more detailed information on any of the six club shows AIC has or will be playing this spring in the states let us know. We would love to see your comments or an e-mail.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

AIC Joined By DAMAGEPLAN Singer In San Diego

Former DAMAGEPLAN and current THE MERCY CLINIC singer Patrick Lachman joined ALICE IN CHAINS on stage for renditions of "Rooster" and "Would?" at the group's May 19 concert at the House of Blues in San Diego, California. Also guesting at the gig was VELVET REVOLVER/ex-GUNS N' ROSES bassist Duff McKagan, who performed with the band on second guitar.

Lachman had previously performed with the surviving ALICE IN CHAINS members — guitarist Jerry Cantrell, bassist Mike Inez and drummer Sean Kinney — at a benefit for victims of the Indonesian tsunami in February 2005. At that show, which took place in Seattle, four vocalists — Lachman, TOOL's Maynard James Keenan, PUDDLE OF MUDD's Wes Scantlin and HEART's Ann Wilson — stepped in for the late Layne Staley, who died of a drug overdose in 2002.

ALICE IN CHAINS — Cantrell, Kinney, Inez and William DuVall (who will handle lead vocals for the group) — will next hit the stage at the Metro in Chicago on Sunday (May 21) before continuing with the U.S. club dates: Boston, Avalon Ballroom, May 22 and New York, Bowery Ballroom, May 23. Following the U.S. dates, the band will head overseas for a series of club dates and festival appearances.

As previously reported, a half-hour interview with ALICE IN CHAINS members Cantrell, Kinney and Inez — which aired earlier in the month on the HDNet (High Definition TV) channel as part of the "Sound Off" program with host Matt Pinfield — has been posted online at this location.

*If anyone has the setlist from the San Diego show post a comment.


05.18.06 - Los Angeles, CA

The Roxy (Los Angeles, CA)

Date: May 18, 2006
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Venue: The Roxy
Venue Type: Club (450-Capacity)
Bootlegs Available: Excellent Audience Recording (Source 1 - Torrent / Source 2 - Direct Link)
Bootleg Source/Lineage: Danish Pro Audio 4061s > Danish Pro Audio MPS6020 > Sony SBM-1 (Todd Mod, SPDIF Out) > M-Audio Microtrack 2496 (SPIDF In @ 16/48)
Bootleg Transfer: M-Audio MicroTrack 2496 > USB 2.0 > Sound Forge 5.0 (fades) > .WAV > CD Wave (Tracking) > .FLAC (Level 8)
Generation: 0
Bootleg Surface Date: May 19, 2006; DimeADozen.org, ZOMB Torrents, Distortion


01. Sludge Factory
02. Dam That River
03. Rain When I Die
04. We Die Young
05. Love, Hate, Love
06. Again
07. Junkhead
08. Down In A Hole (Billy Corgan on vocals)
09. Rooster (Mark Lanegan on vocals, Duff McKagen on guitar)
10. Would? (Duff McKagen on guitar)

-encore break-

11. Angry Chair (Duff McKagen on guitar)
12. Man In The Box (Duff McKagen on guitar)
13. Them Bones


Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan) - Vocals
Mark Lanegan (The Screaming Trees) - Vocals
William Duvall (Comes With The Fall) - Vocals
Duff McKagen (Guns 'N Roses, Velvet Revolver) - Rhytm Guitar

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Corgan and Lanegan Show Up At the Roxy

By Dean Goodman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Seattle rock band Alice in Chains, one of the biggest acts of the early 1990s until drugs got in the way, launched its first tour since 1996 in Los Angeles on Thursday with the help of a few famous friends.

Former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan turned up at the packed Roxy Theater to sing a tune, as did former Screaming Trees vocalist Mark Lanegan. Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan, playing guitar, accompanied the band on five songs.

The sold-out show at the 450-capacity venue was the first of five that will take the band to clubs in San Diego (May 19), Chicago (May 21), Boston (May 22) and New York (May 23). The band played a last-minute "open rehearsal" in Seattle on Tuesday. A European jaunt begins on May 26 in Lisbon.

Alice in Chains last toured in June-July 1996, when it opened four shows for Kiss. Subbing for vocalist Layne Staley, who died of a drug overdose in April 2002, is William DuVall, an old collaborator of guitarist Jerry Cantrell.

The afro-coiffed DuVall, sporting an unbuttoned leather shirt, effectively channeled the menace of his ill-fated predecessor. Cantrell in a vintage Eveready t-shirt, bass player Mike Inez in a Led Zeppelin t-shirt and drummer Sean Kinney kept things just as heavy as they did in their heyday.

The economical 70-minute performance centered on tunes from the band's breakthrough 1992 album "Dirt," including "Down in a Hole" (sung by Corgan), "Rooster" (Lanegan), "Junkhead," "Angry Chair," "Would?" and the final song "Them Bones." Others included "Man in the Box" and "We Die Young" from 1990's "Facelift," and "Again" and show opener "Sludge Factory" from the band's final studio release, the self-titled 1995 "three-legged dog" album.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

05.16.06 - Seattle, WA

Free Show At The Moore Theatre (Seattle, WA)
Date: May 16, 2006
Location: Seattle, WA
Venue: The Moore
Venue Type: Club
Bootlegs Available: N/A
Bootleg Source/Lineage: N/A
Bootleg Surface Date: N/A

Set List:

01. Sludge Factory
02. Dam That River
03. Rain When I Die
04. It Ain't Like That (w/ Kim Thayil)
05. Love, Hate, Love
06. Again
07. Junkhead (w/ Chris DeGarmo)
08. Down In A Hole (w/ Chris DeGarmo)
09. Rooster (w/ Ann Wilson and Duff McKagan)
10. Would? (w/ Duff McKagan)
11. Man In The Box (w/ Duff McKagan)
12. We Die Young
13. Them Bones
14. Dirt
15. Angry Chair


Duff McKagen (Guns 'N Roses, Velvet Revolver) - Rhythm Guitar
William Duvall (Comes with the Fall) - Lead Vocals*
Kim Thayil (Soundgarden)
Ann Wilson (Heart)